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Garbage Trucks

| Garbage Truck | October 2, 2012

Garbage trucks come in a few different types, believe it or not, and many people think they are all the same. But, there are garbage trucks that are designed for all different kinds of jobs and environments. We have put together a list of the different types of garbage trucks and what each one of them is used for.

Front Loader – What is a front loader? Well they have forks located in the front of the cab area that are automated and are used to empty those large containers or dumpsters by use of levers inside the cab. Then the garbage is going to be compacted once it is where it should be. Usually these trucks have over a 50,000 pound capacity and have over 300 horse power.

Side Loader These wonderful garbage trucks can be used to collect the garbage either manually or automatically, and use the side of the truck to pick up the trash receptacles. Most of the time, the trucks are operated by one individual that sits inside the cab. If it is a manual truck, you may see a second person in the cab as well.

Rear Loader – These rear loaders are a bit different than the front loaders. There are people that toss the bags of trash into the container that is located on the back of the truck. Once the container has reached the capacity that it needs to be considered full, it is compacted. Most of the dimensions of the truck and the statistics match that of a front loader.

Recycling Truck – This type of truck is used to collect recyclables. They are usually going to be side loaders that are operated by an individual from inside the cab of the truck. There job is only to collect the recyclables that are separate from the rest of the trash.

Roll-off Truck – This truck, also known as the roll-off truck, is one that is usually used at demolition and construction sites. The container that will hold the trash is usually taken to the site that it is needed at and then it is loaded on to the ground and simply left there. That is because there is usually a high demand at places with demolition or construction going on. Then the truck will come back and pick up the container.

Grapple Truck – The grapple trucks are usually called in when there is something large that needs to be moved, for instance a car that needs to be demolished. This truck usually comes with a claw that can help to move the bulky material to a section of the truck that is used for transportation, or it can even move the bulky material to another vehicle.

Dump Truck Dump trucks are usually literally what they sound like, a big old truck that has a large container attached to the cab that is used to haul large amounts of dirt, rock, and other materials. They can also be used for other waste as well, and the box is operated by hydraulics, and there is usually a hinge or door at the rear of the box.

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