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Renting A Dumpster

| Dumpsters | October 2, 2012

Everyone knows that if you are going to start a renovation project, you are going to need somewhere to put all of that waste that you have throughout the project. That is just one of the basic rules of thumb around the construction and renovation industries. One of the best options that you have for this is to rent a container to put it all in and then it will be hauled off for you. This is why so many construction sites and demolition areas have at least one of them. I am sure you want to know how to rent one for your project, so here it goes.

One of the most important parts of knowing how to rent a dumpster is to know what you are talking about and know what the people you are renting from are talking about. What you want is called either a “container” or a “rolloff”, and not a dumpster. The containers that are rented are almost always referred to in cubic yards. But, instead of saying you want a 40 foot cubic yard container, you would just simply say that you want 40 yards of container, or a 40 yarder.

Permits May Be Needed The local parking office of enforcement may require you to have a permit if you are going to be putting the container on the street. They, or the building permit office, can answer all of the questions that you have and let you know exactly what you need to do if that is the case. If you are one of the people that has the room to put the container on your property, you aren’t going to have to worry about permits or any of that stuff.

Clear the Area! Remember, there is going to be a truck that is going to have to pick up this container, and that means that you have to give them space in order to do so. You want to ensure that you do everything you can beforehand to allow for everything to go smoothly once it comes time for the driver to come and get the container. Even if that means coning of some of the street that is in front of the container if need be. Either way, you don’t want that phone call from the truck driver that is seriously frustrated.

Sizing Up the Job My rule is that you should always get the size container that you think is one size too big for you. The last thing you need during a renovation is no more room to put all of the waste that you have during the job. There is the 10 yarder, which is the smallest and is usually used for small one bedroom renovations or just smaller renovations in general. The 20 cubic yard container is about the smallest I would ever recommend anyone going, and is perfect for low size renovations. Then there is the 30 cubic yard container, which is the most versatile for those jobs that are more than just a small renovation. Last but not least, the 40 cubic yard container. This should be used for bigger construction sites and those people that are renovating multiple rooms and areas of a home or property.

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Types of Dumpsters & Dumpster Services

| Dumpsters | October 2, 2012

The world of dumpster services is usually divided up into two different categories, there is temporary dumpster services and then there is permanent dumpster services. The types of containers can usually be narrowed down to open top or compactors, and large or small. Whichever you may need, you are going to want to look at the differences between the services and dumpsters.

Temporary Dumpster Service

This type of service is going to be called upon when someone needs a container that will be dropped off for a period of time, and then collected once the container has been filled with the waste that needs to be disposed. They come in cubic yard sizes, which range from 10 to 40 yards. The sizes may differ though depending on the area of the country that you live in. The typical name for this type of service is large container service. It is often used by those that have larger renovations or just have a large amount of waste that they need to get rid of all at one time.

These types of rentals can last just a day or even up to a year. It just really depends on the scope and size of the project at hand. There are professional construction companies that easily use them for months at a time. Once in a while you might see smaller sized dumpsters like you do at businesses, but that doesn’t happen very often. Simply because the weight that the normal waste of jobs of this size accumulate is far too heavy for a dumpster that size.

Temporary Dumpster Renting

One consideration that a lot of people seem to forget is you are going to want a different type of dumpster for different types of waste. The average dumpster that you see at most businesses and complex’s is the one that is meant for general waste or trash. But, there are dumpsters that can be meant for only green waste, which is your average yard waste. There is also demolition and construction waste dumpsters, and even recyclable dumpsters that are just simply meant to hold cardboard and other objects that can be recycled.

Permanent Rentals of Dumpsters

There are large dumpsters that are rented permanently, but the majority of them are going to be smaller containers or compactors. The larger containers that are rented permanently are those that you see behind malls or big corporations. Where as the smaller ones are the ones that you see when you go to just about any business. Basically the idea is that you can have these dumpsters permanently in your area while they get picked up by a truck every week or so. Compacted rentals are enclosed and will allow for the trash to be crushed and compacted, allowing the user to put more trash in the rental before it is emptied. The open top rentals are those that allow for the users to throw trash in over the top of the dumpster usually.

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